3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Polls

News 08:12 December 2023:

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Twitter polls are all about increasing engagement on a new level. The use of polls is gaining popularity due to the fact that this is still a newly introduced feature and users are loving it.

Basically, twitter polls allow you to formulate a question with short choices and then allow the public to vote. It’s one of the methods of conforming with the new trend in marketing where user generated content is receiving much appreciation from the audience.


How to use twitter poll to generate engagement depends with how creative you get with the type of questions you choose to ask your followers. In the meantime, here are some creative twitter poll ideas that will get you on your feet.


Guide small corporate decision


Involving customers in making some small decision in the business may earn you their trust and loyalty towards your brand. Though twitter polls cannot on their own be used to guide corporate decisions, there are however, some minute issues that you can take to a poll and get the opinion of the audience.

For instance, your poll may ask the followers to vote whether they love the red or black background in the profile picture of the brand’s account. Or even if they enjoy the type of content that you share.


Such polls will help you reshape your marketing strategies according to the opinion of the audience. The poll will guide you in gauging the opinion of the audience, if for instance they don’t like some of your content that you share, you can produce less of that and more of what they prefer.

The poll can have a lifetime of up to 24 hours where the results are displayed publicly.


Perform market research


A simple way to perform a market research without spending a coin is engaging twitter audience in a poll. Big brands have been known to use twitter polls to guide their decisions in some their initiatives.

The idea here is always to generate the opinion of the general public as well as let the audience know that you value their presence and that their opinion matters.


Lighten the mood with a twitter poll


Considering that twitter is a social site, always remember to include a content that lightens the mood and make your audience smile or even giggle. A poll is a good way to do this. Your creativity is all it counts here.


A poll that isn’t aimed at generating any substantial information or drive sales sometimes is a critical part of twitter marketing strategy. The poll shows that the brand has a good grasp of its audience and it’s not afraid to explore the horizons of creativity and of cause get a little silly.


Twitter polls give brands a chance to weigh issues based on opinion gained from the audience as well as get a chance to understand their followers better. Using a poll will help your brand grow in terms of generating new leads, increase its popularity, and of cause strengthen the brand’s relationship with its followers.